Michael Jordan’s last lesson to Kobe Bryant on a parquet floor (video)

Michael Jordan

Who has never dreamed of witnessing an opposition between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, which would take place 2 meters in front of you? Actor John Cusack had the chance to live this dream, and shares with us this pretty anecdote that makes you smile.


We, when we witness oppositions on the local playground, we rather see one-against-one between our friend Thomas, player of Regional 1, and our friend Rémi, pivot of the departmental. For American actor John Cusack, these are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Okay, we’ll come back to folklore, but that’s okay too. Invited in Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor of 2012 or In the skin of John Malkovich, great friend of the legendary number 23 of the Bulls, told us a nice moment that he lived as a spectator, on the edge of the land, between the two legends. March 28, 2003, at Staples Center, Kobe Bryant is evidently the star of the Lakers and for the last time faces his idol Michael Jordan, who he – MJ fans close their eyes – wears the jersey of the Wizards at the time. In the front row of the action, Cusack tells us about a moment of exchange between the number 23 and the number 8 of the time.

“At that point in the game, everyone knew that Michael and Kobe were going to be looking to play one-on-one.  »

On a placed action, the Black Mamba asks everyone to step aside to challenge one last time a 40-year-old papi Jojo who may be aging but still just as vicious. Kobe Bryant tries to drive, MJ plays the load and gets the passage in force of KB8. At this moment, Cusack reports, while Air Jordan is still on the ground, he laughs and lets out a sentence that looks a lot like what we know about the personality of His Airness:

« Everyone in that fucking room knew you weren’t going to pass. »

In a burst of laughter, Kobe relieves Mike and we can all now jealous of John Cusack. Firstly because he’s front row at Staples Center, secondly because he’s not attending a 2020 Kings – Cavaliers, and finally because he now has a lovely memory anchored in his memory. of an exchange between two of the greatest legends of this game. He lived this moment as a passing of the baton and this exchange resonates even more today after the tragedy of the beginning of the year and the speech of MJ about Kobe , whom he considered to be his little brother.

A very nice anecdote about two players who made a lot of people want to become addicted to the orange ball. A moment of respect between two icons of sport, and that can be consumed without moderation.

Text source: Jimmy Kimmel Live


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