“Michael Jordan’s book is complete, whereas LeBron James’ book is still being written”: When Derek Fisher gave an interesting perspective to the GOAT debate

Back in 2017, Derek Fisher gave a sensible reason why comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan at present is impractical.


The GOAT debate is one such conversation that has divided NBA enthusiasts and kept them busy for many years now. There are several legends who have had a massive impact on the game, however, only two of them are widely considered for the GOAT debates – Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

MJ and Bron are two of the all-time greats. Both are absolutely incredible in their respective positions. Without a doubt, the two icons have fully utilized the skills they were gifted with, and because of it have managed to build ridiculously long resumes throughout the course of their career.

There are several basketball enthusiasts that chose one of the two for the famous debate. However, a few years back, Derek Fisher gave a logical reason as to why the comparisons at present weren’t practical.

“There are too many variables to compare Michael Jordan and LeBron James and try to say one is greater than the other”: Derek Fisher

Back in 2017, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Derek Fisher weighed in on the LeBron-Jordan GOAT debate. The former Lakers star’s reasonable response to the debate was:

“My opinion is – you can’t judge a book until you read the whole book, right? And so, I think that Michael’s book is complete. There’s a reason why we always compare people to him, because his book is complete. And people feel strongly that there is no other book from start to finish that is as great as Michael Jordan’s book.

LeBron’s book is still being written. So, I personally don’t think that even though they played the same amount of games, there are too many variables to compare them and try to say one is greater than the other.

Now, when LeBron’s book is ultimately finished, it is gonna be a very strong debate because statistically where he is going and the way he has his team in the finals every season, and he’s gonna get more opportunities to win championships in the future, I think it’s gonna be a worthy discussion. And I’ve always been a Michael Jordan fan but the more I watch LeBron, year after year, I am becoming more and more of a fan and I understand why people make the comparison.”

To be fair, Fisher isn’t wrong. LeBron is still playing like an MVP at age 37. We can only get a clear picture of this debate once The King hangs his boots once and for all.


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