“Michael Jordan would’ve been benched in my era!”: $10 million worth Wilt Chamberlain boldly claimed that the Bulls legend would have struggled to play in 60s

Wilt Chamberlain

Michael Jordan has long been considered the GOAT of basketball. However, Wilt Chamberlain believed that MJ wouldn’t have survived in his era!


The Chicago Bulls changed the course of NBA history in 1984 with the third overall pick. They selected Michael Jordan, essentially sowing the seeds for one of the greatest dynasties in sports history.

MJ was a special breed of athlete. He wowed basketball fans all around the world with his freakish athleticism and hunger for victory.

It was his attitude towards basketball that elevated him to GOAT status. By the end of his career, Jordan had averages of 30 points, six rebounds, and five assists, winning five MVPs, six Finals MVPs, and six championships along the way!

There can be no denying just how amazing His Airness was. However, another candidate in the GOAT debate, Wilt Chamberlain believed MJ wouldn’t have survived in his era.

Wilt Chamberlain claimed that Michael Jordan would have struggled to play in the 1960s era of basketball
Over the years, there have been many names that have been brought up when discussing the GOAT. Alongside Michael Jordan, the great Wilt Chamberlain is another serious contender.

Wilt was a dominant force in the 1960s and was feared by a number of his contemporaries. However, his name is not mentioned as much due to his lack of rings.

Nevertheless, he is still considered one of the best. As such, his opinions are highly regarded, and Conan O’Brien got the Big Dipper’s opinion on Air Jordan in 1997. The Hall of Famer boldly stated that while Jordan is amazing, he would have struggled in his era!

Chamberlain believed that Michael would have found it difficult to be as athletic and flashy against the big men of the 1960s. Thus concluding that he would not have been the same player.

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