“Michael Jordan was selfish, didn’t trust anyone but won”: When Kevin Garnett went on a zealous rant to explain why His Airness was the GOAT

Back in 2018, Kevin Garnett went on to passionately explain why he believed Michael Jordan was miles above any other athlete in professional sports.


Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest athlete of all time, and if you had a look at his jaw-dropping highlight reel or took a peek at his ridiculously long list of achievements, you would know why people regard the Chicago Bulls legend as the basketball GOAT.

Over the span of 15 years, MJ built one of the most illustrious resumes ever – 14 All-Star appearances, 11 All-NBA selections, 3-time steal champ, 10-time scoring champ, 5-time MVP, 6-time NBA champ, 6-time Finals MVP, got inducted into the Hall-Of-Fame and was even selected to the NBA’s 50th and 75th Anniversary Team.

Several past and present NBA stars have chosen “His Airness” as their pick for the famous GOAT debate. Kevin Garnett is just one of many to be blown away by Mike’s greatness.

“Michael Jordan saved basketball when basketball was on the verge of losing it”: Kevin Garnett

Back in 2018, on his show “Area 21”, KG and the guests were having a conversation about LeBron James and Michael Jordan. While Garnett’s comments weren’t exactly on the topic being spoken by the panel, the Timberwolves legend passionately explained why he thought Michael Jeffrey Jordan was “revered as a machine”:

“Are y’all serious? Michael Jordan was probably the most — out of professional sports — he was here (holds hand up high) while everybody else was here (holds hand way lower). Michael Jordan was revered as a machine.

He was selfish. He didn’t trust anybody else, and he still won. You said he couldn’t do it, and he came out he won. And you was like you know what, I’m rolling with this kid here. You saw how hard he wanted it. You saw how hard he was going. And this was with Magic and Bird still in the league!!!!

Man, come on, man. Nah, man. That man saved basketball when basketball was on the verge of losing it. When we had addicts, when guys came in camp overweight. Who do you think started coming in camp in shape, ready to go day one? Who started that?”

The influence Michael Jordan still has on the sporting world is unbelievable, to be honest.

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