“Michael Jordan Was Selfish and He Still Won”: Kevin Garnett Once Went Berserk in an MJ-LeBron Debate


Half the fun of following a sport is debating its greats and its history. In basketball, the fieriest debate continues to be the debate over who exactly is the GOAT. Is it MJ or is it LeBron is the question that has caused endless ink to be spilled.


It is no surprise than that people get so worked up over the debate, even professional players. Like all of us fans, even players have their idols. So what happened when Kevin Garnett was told LeBron was better than MJ was no surprise.

NBA legend Kevin Garnett went off in a discussion after hearing LeBron was better. KG, who is one of only five players in NBA history to have won the NBA MVP and DPOY, had to get up and walk around to make his point during a debate over LeBron and MJ. Triggered by claims that Jordan was less criticized than Bron, Garnett laid his case out at length.

Kevin Garnett makes the case for Michael Jordan over LeBron James

KG claimed that there was no debate. Jordan, according to him was a legend who existed on a different level altogether, even among professional athletes. He pointed to MJ’s complete domination of the league. Even when all-time greats like Larry Bird and Magic were still playing, the Bulls legend was still the undisputed best in the league.

Michael’s legendary ego and his ability to “walk the talk”, according to KG were other standout qualities. Garnett said that Jordan never trusted anyone to do it and did the job himself.

The Celtics legend also pointed to the sheer cultural impact Jordan made. Basketball was waning and people were losing interest. It was then that Michael changed the game and made it relevant.

He propelled basketball to new heights. True without a doubt. MJ was the person who made people want to come in ready to basketball camp. No more lazing around, people wanted to be like MJ. Kevin made some great points without a doubt.

The Debate rages on

Garnett is unlikely to end the debate. The clip reaffirms a lot of what we know. Jordan’s status as the GOAT is beyond dispute for many people. In addition, the pure passion and intensity with which Kevin made his case were remarkable.

Michael Jordan is a basketball, he is the undisputed greatest for a significant percentage of the sport’s followers. While Lebron has been making his case and continues to do so, for many including KG, he will never truly dislodge ‘His Airness’ as the GOAT.

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