Michael Jordan to introduce Kobe Bryant at Hall of Fame

Michael Jordan

It’s no secret that the Hall of Fame Class of 2020 is simply outstanding. And unfortunately, we also know that Kobe Bryant, who will make his entrance with Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, will not be there to attend the ceremony. However, he will be honored as it should be, and it is Michael Jordan who will ensure the presentation of the Black Mamba.


Who else? Who else but Michael Jordan is better suited to introduce Kobe Bryant at his posthumous Hall of Fame induction? Probably no one. We saw MJ give a great speech at Kobe’s tribute ceremony over a year ago following his death, with tears streaming down his cheeks and a heavy heart like everyone else.

On May 15, Jordan will do it again and the emotion will be there once more. The news was announced by Shams Charania of The Athletic and right away, we got chills because we know we’ll have to get out the tissues that day.

Jordan – Bryant, Mike – Kobe, these two have been linked so often, the legend of the Lakers has been compared so often to that of the Bulls that his entry into the Hall of Fame must be done through Jojo. Period. From the beginning of his career, Kobe Bryant based his game on Michael Jordan’s. He copied MJ’s moves, he chewed his gum like MJ, he wanted to win like MJ.

In the end, when it comes to hanging up his sneakers and after a nice and long career of two decades, Kobe is the one who managed to get the closest to the one who is considered as the GOAT (sorry LeBron). In style, in game, in competitive spirit. Many wanted to become the new Michael Jordan, but only one is known to have really succeeded in following in his footsteps.


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