« Michael Jordan needed a break, LeBron James didn’t » Kyle Korver give the reason why the Lakers star is better than MJ

Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver talks about what he feels makes LeBron James as great as he is while also comparing him to Michael Jordan.


Regardless of where you stand on the debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, the latter’s greatness is undeniable. The 4x champ has been the 10 NBA Finals, while winning the Eastern Conference eight years in row to claim his first two titles with the Miami Heat and later on fulfil his promise to bring one back home to Cleveland.

There are several aspects to LeBron James and his existence within the NBA that seem nearly impossible to replicate further down the line. Longevity is perhaps the most awe-inspiring factor that LeBron has played into as even in his 19th season in the league seems to be one that could result in him being a Finals MVP.

The Los Angeles Lakers however, will most definitely have to work on a variety of things for this hypothetical to become a reality, especially after last night’s debacle against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kyle Korver on LeBron James and what makes him so great.

Kyle Korver has a unique perspective on LeBron James as he’s went up against him in the Eastern Conference Finals and subsequently won the Eastern Conference finals with him. It’s safe to say that the sharpshooting guard knows what he’s talking about when discussing the Lakers superstar.

In Korver’s eyes, what makes LeBron James great is his work ethic. He talks about the time he was with the Cavaliers and after a grueling game against the Utah Jazz, James was in a full sweat on the VersaClimber the very next morning, preparing for the Playoffs.

He would go on to say that, though he doesn’t want to compare Michael Jordan with LeBron, he did mention that Jordan needed a break in between whereas the latter has been fighting for championships for 18 consecutive years.

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