“Michael Jordan isn’t hitting ‘The Shot’ over LeBron James”: Metta World Peace gave his two cents on the ‘GOAT’ debate between the Lakers and Bulls legends

Metta World Peace had an interesting take regarding the ‘GOAT’ debate revolving around Michael Jordan and Lakers superstar, LeBron James.


Ever since LeBron James claimed his 4th title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020, the debate on if he’s surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest player in league history has skyrocketed.

Many NBA fans believed he had accomplished this milestone over 5 years ago when he came back down from 3-1 to beat the 73-9 Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and in a conversation regarding who the ‘GOAT’ is, there is more or less no wrong answer. LeBron James has accomplished enough in his 18 years in the NBA to be considered the greatest of all time and of course, Michael Jordan going 6-0 in the Finals along with a plethora of other achievements speaks for itself.

The most interesting takes on this debate are ones from NBA players who’ve played against both LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Metta World Peace’s take on the LeBron James-Michael Jordan debate.

People can argue all they want about whether or not James has surpassed Jordan in terms of greatness but their evaluation can never come close to players’ such as Metta World Peace; an athlete who’s stepped on the court with both. According to him, Michael Jordan have not made several of his iconic shots if it were James guarding him.

The co-hosts at TYT Sports then delved into whether or not LeBron James could average 45 points of higher in the 80s. Metta quickly refuted this suggestion as he brought up the more physical defenses as a point against the Lakers star.

In a separate interview, Metta claimed that LeBron James has almost always gotten the best of him throughout their various bouts in the NBA.

This trend even extended past the big leagues as he told a story about how a 15 year old LeBron torched him for 25 points when training with him and Jordan in Chicago.

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