Michael Jordan impressed by Anthony Edwards: « You’re stronger than me, you are more athletic, you are more imposing than me »

Filled with confidence, and not necessarily very complimentary in normal times, Michael Jordan nevertheless admitted that a current young star, who is already blazing for his very first playoffs, would be stronger than him. Quite a compliment from His Airness!


The ultimate competitor, he was not in the habit of showering his opponents with compliments, even the most prestigious ones. Instead, Michael Jordan preferred to humiliate his most formidable rivals on the court, whether through his trash-talking skills, resounding offensive cards, or asphyxiating defensive scoring. That hasn’t really changed in his new position.

Having become the Hornets’ manager a decade ago, MJ rarely appears in the media to praise his franchise’s players, or even the league’s biggest stars. However, he does do so on rare occasions, including to give strength to nuggets that are starting to explode in the NBA. He has already done so privately with … Anthony Edwards.

Michael Jordan impressed by Anthony Edwards

In November 2020, even before making his pro debut, Edwards revealed to Taylor Rooks and Bleacher Report the advice MJ had given him on the sidelines of his workout at the Hornets:

He mostly told me to use my butt more in the post and from mid-range. I thought that was the best thing he told me.

But in addition to those valuable recommendations for the Timberwolves prospect, Jordan had also offered him some pretty high praise:

He was like, « You’re stronger than me, you’re more athletic, you’re more imposing than me. » He just told me to use my butt more to create more space for myself, and you’ll become indefensible.

Indeed, it was hard to find a more physically imposing player than Edwards in the league’s new generation. His Airness suggested that Ant’ should use his power more to dominate the competition. Who knows, maybe these suggestions are the ones that allowed him to sign a remarkable first playoff game, Saturday, with 36 points scored in the victory of his team against the Grizzlies.


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