Michael Jordan : « I’m not the GOAT » (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan once revealed the stunning reason behind why he can’t consider himself to be the Greatest of All Time.


Michael Jordan celebrates his 59th birthday today. And so, here we are, giving you a little MJ anecdote to celebrate the man himself.

As you may have heard, this Bulls legend is widely regarded as the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball. And yes, while we do see you, LeBron James fans, we’re just going to let that age-old debate sit and simmer for another day.

Coming back to His Airness however, how can you not love this man? We’re sure you’ve heard of his 6 championships, and 6 Finals MVPs for quite some time already, so we’ll be sure not to mention it… at least not past this point.

But even just looking at his highlights… the magnificence of them makes it really, really tough to say that this man isn’t the GOAT of the NBA world. But, it seems that the man himself can’t help but disagree.

A long time ago, Michael Jordan was asked if the title of ‘GOAT’ was something that mattered to him. And suffice to say, his answer is going to be raising quite a few eyebrows.

Michael Jordan believes that he can’t be called the GOAT because that’d be disrespectful to all the legends that came before him

Even if certain fans did not have the pleasure of watching MJ during his hay-day, we’re sure that the Last Dance documentary made it very clear that his greatness came from his ego.

The Bulls legend just couldn’t handle it when any other player was considered to be on his level, never mind above it. So, when he was asked if the title of GOAT really had any meaning to him, many expected him to say he was clearly the best with a wide smirk on his face.

But instead… well, this happened.

Take a look at the reply to the ‘BallisLife’ tweet below.

We won’t lie, a massive part of us truly believes that the man is just trying to be modest. Heck, this is Michael Jordan we’re talking about after all. Being arrogantly confident is essentially in his blood.

Still, MJ, if you truly believe that statement of yours, it may be time to look for another reason. And frankly, for how good a player you were, we hope it’s far,

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