Michael Jordan explains to defenders how to stop LeBron James (video)

Michael Jordan

A great observer of the game to this day, Michael Jordan obviously pays special attention to LeBron James. A few years ago, His Airness thus released the recipe for slowing down, if not stopping the King.


Michael Jordan, LeBron James. LeBron James, Michael Jordan. No need to lengthen the presentations, everyone knows the link that unites the two men in debates, discussions, and often (too) often comparisons. They obviously maintain a mutual respect, although the King is never hidden from “chasing the ghost” of His Airness.

For his part, the legend of the Bulls obviously has a particular interest in the native of Akron, whose style of play differs in several aspects from his. And competitive as usual, Jordan obviously thought about what he would have done to slow down the Chosen One if he had had to defend against him!

In 2013, MJ told journalist Wright Thompson that he was keeping a sharp eye on LeBron, and that he had developed a technique to slow him down:

LeBron, I’m studying it. Generally, when he leaves on his right, it is to go to the drive. And when he goes left, he shoots a jump shot most of the time. It’s related to his shooting mechanics and his gesture to release the ball.

So if I was on top of him on defense, I would push him to go to his left nine times out of ten. If he goes to his right, he drives towards the circle and I cannot stop him. Therefore… I certainly wouldn’t let him go to his right!

If this little lesson from Her Majesty has whetted your appetite, we invite all anglophiles to enjoy the video below. For more than half an hour, the greatest player in history gives a lesson for your next training sessions or your next visits to the playground:


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