‘Michael Jordan did it 7 times and Kobe Bryant 2 times’: Why LeBron James will always be behind the Bulls and Lakers legends in the GOAT conversation

Michael Jordan

One fan has shown evidence showing why Michael Jordan stands above the rest in the NBA GOAT conversation, including LeBron James.


Ever since LeBron James entered the NBA, debates have gone on comparing The King to Michael Jordan. The debate over who holds the title of GOAT has raged on for a while now.

Fans have compared everything. From the number of rings they haved to their individual statistics. Well, one fan has submitted some interesting evidence, which may sway the jury on this particular topic.

It has been pointed out that only two players hold this distinction. The distinction of being Top-5 in MVP and DPOY voting more than once. The two ballers are MJ and Kobe Bryant. This prompted another fan to suggest that LeBron James could ‘never’ achieve this.

It certainly adds something different to the debate. However, as always there will be a pro-Michael Jordan side, as well as a pro-LeBron James side.

Will LeBron James ever win six rings like Michael Jordan?
While the aforementioned tweet does add some spice to the debate, there is one thing that MJ fans will always hold over LeBron. That is the fact that The King does not have six rings.

LeBron currently has four, finding himself two behind Michael Jordan and one behind Kobe Bryant. He will certainly keep fighting for more championships. However, given the dismal performance of his Lakers team this season, there will be many questioning if he can.

This tweet shows us that Jordan has a huge lead. That being said, LeBron still looks like he could play another five years. Perhaps there is still time for him to pick up two more.

source: thesportsrush


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