Michael Jordan: « 20 Years From Now.. I’m Pretty Sure LeBron May Beat Me »

Michael Jordan

Since stepping foot in the league in 2003, LeBron James has been dubbed “The Chosen One.” There has also been a debate that he might eclipse Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time. Many people already consider James to be the GOAT.


James grew up watching and idolizing Jordan. He dressed up like him, donned his sneakers, and analyzed his play and approach to the game. He even sported the famous number 23.

As LeBron James inches closer to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record, more gasoline is put to this fiery GOAT debate. Michael Jordan has more rings and a better Finals record than LeBron, which helps his case for being the best. However, James’ domination over the last decade, as well as his longevity, provides a strong argument for him.

In an interview with Cigar Aficionado, Jordan offered his opinions on the GOAT debate and how he believes things will be in 20 years surrounding him and LeBron.

“If you ask 20 years from now, I’m pretty sure LeBron may beat me, you know, based on who’s gonna be making the voting. I say that to say that I understand that it is what it is. I don’t wear it, I don’t showcase it, I don’t rub it in other people’s faces. If you ask me, I can never give you an opinion about things like that because as an athlete, all you wanna do is be the best.”

Michael Jordan made a significant show of appreciation and respect to LeBron James by conceding that they are in the same bracket.

LeBron James: I wear no. 23 because of Michael Jordan

LeBron, like most other youngsters, grew up idolizing Michael Jordan. With the same desire to achieve as Jordan, LeBron decided to wear the number 23 jersey straight out of high school.

The moment James delivered a championship to Los Angeles, he knew the passionate GOAT debate would be fueled. The man from Ohio, however, did not hesitate to express his admiration for “His Airness.” And, like a true professional, he avoided adding anything to the famous debate.

“You guys know how much I love Michael Jordan. I wear No. 23 because of Michael Jordan. When I first got my first pair of Jordans, you could tell me nothin’. So, y’all can do the debates. Y’all can figure that out.” he added.

This comment simply demonstrates LeBron’s appreciation and love for Michael Jordan. With the debate closer than it has ever been, both luminaries have given their everything to the beautiful game.

Fans will continue to argue about who is the greatest. But these legends understand what it takes to reach the pinnacle. As a result, admiration and mutual respect will always prevail.


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