Metta World Peace Believes Bill Russell Is The GOAT Over Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

The GOAT debate is subjective and commonly a matter of preference. Michael Jordan may have been the widely-regarded GOAT among NBA fans and players, but that doesn’t mean the other all-time greats are automatically ruled out from the GOAT conversation.


Different legends make a compelling case for being the greatest player of all-time, and former Los Angeles Lakers defensive forward Metta World Peace has seen the case being made for some popular names. Perhaps, this is probably why he has changed stances on the GOAT debate several times.

After declaring LeBron James as his greatest player of all-time last year, World Peace has now chosen 11-time champion Bill Russell as the GOAT over Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. He made his statement clear during an appearance on ‘Fierce Talk with Ryan Garcia’ podcast.

“I think Bill Russell is (the GOAT), honestly. Bill Russell got 11 championships. I look at Michael as one of the greatest. But I think Bill Russell is the greatest. When you can win in your era. That’s what it’s about. Winning in your era. And nobody dominated like that. Not even Michael Jordan.”


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