Metta World Peace Appoints LeBron James As The GOAT Over Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan

Metta World Peace

As LeBron James continues to impress in this year’s Finals, a lot of basketball fans are considering to revamp their all-time lists, putting the Lakers superstar as the ‘Greatest Player of All-Time’. Former Lakers forward Metta World Peace may be one of them.


In a tweet that has since been deleted, World Peace, who played with Kobe Bryant and against Michael Jordan, gave his stance on the ‘GOAT’ debate, putting the three-time champion ahead of these two other legends that he looked up to.

“@KingJames is the goat. Never thought I would say that over my brother 24 and my favorite mj. I was an Allstar in mj Jersey 23. I changed my number for one season to honor a legend. But the King is the greatest athlete to ever touch this galaxy. Better than the aliens too.”

A lot of people see Kobe Bryant as a carbon copy of widely-regarded GOAT, Michael Jordan. However, it appears that the consensus only recognizes Bryant’s style of play being similar to Jordan, but not his dominance and greatness.

As a matter of fact, Bryant’s name doesn’t stick out when talking about the GOAT. A case in point was when the 13-part documentary ‘The Last Dance’ dropped earlier this year, the vast majority excluded the five-time NBA champion and came down to either picking Michael Jordan or LeBron James as the rightful owner of the ‘GOAT’ mantra.

Kobe Bryant had a legendary career with averages of 25.0 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game, earning five championships and two finals MVPs along the way with the Los Angeles Lakers.


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