« Mention me with MJ and Brady » – LeBron James doesn’t shy away from comparing himself to the all-time GOATs

LeBron James

LeBron James recently made a bold statement on Instagram. He believes he should be mentioned in the same conversation as Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, presumably when talking about the all-time GOATs of the sports world.


« Mention me with MJ and Brady like you’re ‘posed to » -Lebron James on Instagram

The full post is as follows.


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In a « lyrical » post, LeBron stakes his claim among the greatest athletes of all time. He pays his respects to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, while stating that he belongs with them. He probably should have also included Wayne Gretzky if he was talking about true GOATs of team sports, but that’s another story.

When defining a GOAT, many factors play into the equation. Individual production and team success are two of the biggest. Production can be measured by statistics and awards while team success should be equated to championships. All of these things are how Brady and Jordan earned their widely accepted title of GOAT. That’s what LeBron is pursuing and he’s not too far off.

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