LeBron vs. Kobe vs. Jordan: Who’s the All-Time King of Game 7s?


While success is almost always put in the context of championship rings, Game 7 performances can be just as telling.


How a superstar competes under the pressure-filled circumstances—under the most literal notion of « win or go home »—says a lot about his character, about his resolve. It’s essentially 48 minutes worth of clutch time. There is no bigger game, no greater moment than a Game 7.

Those occasions are when the legends are supposed to shine brightest—in theory. Did Jordan live up to such standards? What about Kobe? And has LeBron?

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James has been crowned The King, but he may be forced to abdicate his throne when it comes to Game 7 accolades.

Who’s the King?


Had we gone by volume, Bryant would be the clear victor. He’s appeared in as many Game 7s as James and Jordan combined. His Lakers are also 5-1 in those crucial contests.

Neither Bryant nor James’ Game 7 stat lines are able to transcend that of Jordan, though. He had the most well-rounded performances of them all, routinely putting up a gaudy total in at least one department.

To be honest, they’ve all distinguished themselves in one way or another.

In addition to the highest points-per-game average of anyone who has played in numerous Game 7s in NBA history, James is also the only member of the three never to shoot below 40 percent under such circumstances.

Bryant is the only member of the three to bring down 10 or more boards at least twice, and again, he’s led his team to a 5-1 record when facing a Game 7.

But it’s Jordan who has the most polished of resumes. He played in just three Game 7s, yet he had a winning record (James doesn’t) and managed to shoot a respectable clip from the field (Bryant hasn’t). Failing to connect on any of his deep balls would be a great disappointment if he hadn’t only attempted two total.

Fortunately for James, Jordan didn’t build an insurmountable edge. The Chosen One is a mere dominant Game 7 outing away from potentially evening up the score.

Can he deliver against the Pacers and carry himself past His Airness in the process, or will he be left to continue doing what’s he’s been doing—chasing Jordan—for the past decade?


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