LeBron talks about when he was teammates with Michael Jordan at 19: « we didn’t lose a game. »


Some people would be willing to pay a small fortune for the opportunity to play a simple pick-up game alongside their idol. LeBron James had this chance at 19 years old, and without spending a single dollar. And as you can imagine, his duo with Michael Jordan made sparks fly.


LeBron James has never hidden his admiration for Michael Jordan, his idol, the man who made him love basketball. So inevitably, after 17 seasons of domination in the league, the King must be more than happy to be in the discussion for the title of GOAT with his hero of youth.

But at a time when everyone is trying to pit them against each other, when some are going to the mat to say that LeBron will definitely never be able to surpass MJ after the broadcast of The Last Dance, the Lakers star is playing it wise, easing the tension.

On ESPN, LeBron recently explained why he would be the ideal teammate alongside Michael Jordan, temporarily putting the raging debate on pause. While some saw this as an admission of weakness, the majority of fans reveled in imagining the carnage these two monsters would wreak under the same jersey.

What we discovered yesterday during the King’s appearance on the After Party of his media UNINTERRUPTED, is that this dream was once a reality. In 2003, for a few games, the two potential best players in history joined forces, and made terror on the floor.

The picture that is circulating of me and Michael Jordan on a court is from MJ’s basketball camp in Santa Barbara. At that time, we were on the same team. It was during my rookie year.

We used to play around 9pm. When the camp day ended, he would let the kids watch the first game. Then after that, he’d send them to bed, and we’d stay with the guys who were in the NCAA, and we’d play for about an hour and 15 minutes. I was on his team, and we didn’t lose a game…

Between a Michael Jordan who was coming out of the last year of his career, during which he averaged 20 points, and a young LeBron who averaged 20.9 points during his rookie season, we understand why they never lost.

If this anecdote makes you want to see the pictures, and leaves you dreaming, we prefer the time when the two legends faced each other. According to Ron Artest, it was a mythical moment!


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