LeBron reaffirms he felt like the GOAT in 2016


LeBron James hasn’t changed his mind. His win with Cleveland in 2016 gives him the right to claim the GOAT title.


Of course, with the presence of legends all around him, LeBron James did not escape a question about the GOAT during the All-Star Game weekend in Cleveland. During an interview with TNT’s Kenny Smith, the King was asked by « The Jet » what makes a player the greatest of all time.

Like a few years ago, LeBron gave the impression to consider that he was the GOAT, without claiming loudly that he was at the moment.

« What makes a GOAT? If we’re just talking basketball-wise, at the time of the 2016 title, I felt like I was the greatest player people had ever seen. I was able to play every position, defend every position. I literally did something that had never been done in NBA history.

Teams that were 3-1 in the Finals were 0 for 32. No one had ever gotten out of that and no one was giving us a chance. I figured there was no one better than me. I felt like Jay-Z when he released The Blueprint.

What I do know is that I’m happy to be put next to the greatest players of all time. To be seen as someone who is strong in his field is what I’ve always wanted. »

Michael Jordan, with whom he shared a hug during the 2022 All-Star Game, has always refused to say he was the greatest of all time. Let’s wait and see what LeBron James will say about that when he retires and has enough perspective on his career.

The interview between LeBron James and Kenny Smith


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