« LeBron James will go down as the GOAT » Jason Kidd chooses Lakers superstar over Michael Jordan, praises his complete skillset

LeBron James

Add Jason Kidd to the small list of NBA legends who prefer LeBron James over Michael Jordan as their GOAT.


As the Dallas Mavericks took on the severely Los Angeles Lakers, there was everything at stake for the latter team. But with LeBron James out of the starting line-up, they were never going to put up a big fight.

The 128-110 loss against Luka Doncic and Co now puts them at the 11th position in the West, having the same record as the San Antonio Spurs. It has been one of the most embarrassing years for James who even though is leading the league in scoring, has failed to guide his team to anything positive this season.

And although it is one of the rarest seasons in the past 12-years or so which is going to end in most probably a failure, people are ready to banish the 4x MVP from the GOAT debate. But a former player who handed the King his first Finals defeat with the Heat and whose voice actually matters much more than most analysts in the NBA media has the 37-year-old as his greatest of all time.

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Not MJ, LeBron James is the GOAT according to Jason Kidd

Although he constantly gets forgotten in the sea of Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Steve Nash, and now Chris Paul, Kidd is one of the best point guards to grace the game of basketball. A genius in the ball game, he might be the only one in that category with a bad jumper.

A 10x All-Star, NBA champion with the Mavs, and one of NBA’s top-75 players of all time knows and understands the game better than most and maybe the best because where he ended up without one of the most necessary skill sets for a guard is unbelievable.

Before the Tuesday night game against the Lakers, the Dallas head coach gave his two cents on the 4x champ’s legacy.

LeBron is the only player with 30k points, 10k assists, and 10k rebounds, then add all his accolades over 19 years. Obviously, Mike did it better in a shorter time, but so did Bill Russell. The Celtics’ legend won 5 more titles in 2 lesser seasons, that too without taking any breaks in between. And he is never brought up in the GOAT conversation anymore, much like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has the top-most points in the league and as many NBA titles as MJ.

So ‘the best’ debate is always going to be unfair for somebody, but it doesn’t have to be. Why do we have to have A GOAT when we can consider all four of them the best of separate generations?


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