LeBron James Thinks He Became The GOAT Over Jordan and Kobe (video)

LeBron James

The never-ending ‘greatest of all time’ debate, will get some more fuel next soon, when LeBron James will pass Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all time scoring list.


I’ve never been a big fan of this debate to begin with. Clyde Drexler always says that he isn’t a fan of comparing eras, and I absolutely agree with him on that. There will always be a ‘Team Jordan’ who is insulted to bring LeBron or anyone else into the GOAT debate, as well as a ‘Team LeBron’ who claims that LeBron is GOAT. Never have I seen anyone from either side change their opinion, and it probably won’t ever happen.

While everybody is talking and discussing about who their GOAT is, the players who are in the discussion haven’t… until now!

In the latest episode of More Than An Athlete on ESPN+, LeBron James said that he believes he became the greatest player of all time after defeating the 73-win Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Finals in 2016.


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