LeBron James: « There were a lot of similarities between Kobe and Mike, but I liked Kobe’s game »

LeBron James

Great fan of Michael Jordan since it was his idol, LeBron James talked about the similarities between his friend Kobe Bryant and the Bulls legend and the look he had on that.


« I was looking at Kobe solely for him. Obviously you saw a lot of similarities between him and Mike, but I appreciated Kobe’s game for Kobe’s game. The way he played, the finesse he played with, his dribbling skills, his shooting, everything he had on the court. I respected him for who he was as a player and what he brought to the court. The fact that he was able to take certain things from MJ’s game and had some of his DNA – a lot of players try to do that, a lot of players would love to be able to take elements from the games of the greats and implement them into their own to be successful, but they can’t. They don’t have the ability to do it. They don’t have that determination to do it, the mindset. But he did and he did it at such a high level for a long, long, long time. And you respect that. » LeBron


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