LeBron James says he wants everyone to mention him with Michael Jordan

LeBron James

Recently, LeBron James on Instagram shared a post in which he compared himself to Michael Jordan and NFL star Tom Brady.


King captioned it, “Shifting the culture

Mention me with MJ and Brady like you’re ‘posed to

I’m standing next to rookies, somehow they looking older

The altitude of matter so cold, it’ll make your nose run

How you expect to get love if you don’t show none? 👑”

LeBron James through this post made a comparison of the situation the former NBA champion Jordan and current NFL star Brady faced in their game. He wants everyone to mention him next to MJ as they both carried their respective team. Just like Tom Brady in NFL, Lebron is suffering the same struggle to carry the rookie team without any support.

Celebrities reacts to King James Instagram post

This post caught a lot of attention from NBA fame, many celebrities reacted to LeBron’s post: Richard Jefferson commented, “Travel 🙄” and NFL star Odell Beckham Jr commented, “Noooo kizzzyyy!!!!.” Even Tom Brady reached out to James’ post and commented, “💯💯 LFG‼️‼️‼️.”

It seems that LeBron has made up his mind to win the championship with a lot of positive attitudes in his bag. Currently, he was playing the role of defense and offense in the center but when Anthony Davis the star center for the Lakers will return to the squad it will release some pressure from him and their morale will also be boosted.


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