LeBron James Responds To Epic Kobe Bryant Video: « I Don’t Really Care About Anyone’s Compliments, Really. »

Kobe Bryant’s « killer » mentality has been a staple of his legacy since he rose to stardom on the L.A. Lakers. And while his intense drive towards greatness often alienated him from the rest of the basketball world, it helped him complete one of the most successful and inspiring careers of all time.


One such example of his approach to the game was in one interview during his playing days, when he was asked which player’s compliment would mean the most to him.

The clip recently went viral, attracting the attention of LeBron James, who couldn’t help but smile.

Only Kobe would be cold enough to admit he doesn’t care about what other players have to say about him. It really speaks to how he viewed himself and how he took of what others thought of him.

Nowadays, it seems most stars are really caught up in what people are saying about them, even going so far as to argue and battle with those who dare to criticize them.

Indeed, Bryant was a rare one, and even Bron knows to treasure the moments he gave.


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