Lebron James reflects on his first meeting with Michael Jordan: « It was like meeting God for the first time »

Lebron James

Lebron James x Michael Jordan. Perhaps the two greatest players in basketball history. As a youngster, Lebron James met His Airness and like many before him, he was intimidated at the age of 16.


Lebron James landed in Charlotte last night, for a clean win for his team. Charlotte which has for owner a certain Michael Jordan. Nothing like this to bring back some good memories with MJ, especially during his first meeting. It is then necessary to go back to 2001 and to Chicago to be precise, to remember a moment that he will never forget. He was not yet this man and this confident player. Lebron was this carefree kid who only played basketball for the fun of it. A kid who was going to meet one of his idols and especially the best player of all time. Naturally, his heart fluttered when he faced the Chicago legend:

« It was divine. As I’ve said over and over, it was like meeting God for the first time. MJ made this sport global . With the way he played, his personality, his marketing value, he made people all over the world want to watch basketball. »

It was a time when Michael Jordan was 38 years old and quietly preparing his comeback on the Washington side. Lebron James is now 34 and time really flies. Today he is one of the greatest athletes of all time, not to mention helping to give love to his community and NBA fans. His school he built is the perfect symbol of that. Saying that Michael Jordan made basketball an interplanetary sport, he wants to follow in his footsteps in his own way. And when he says follow in his footsteps, he is also talking about buying an NBA franchise, which is probably the dream of any NBA player and maybe even fan. He won’t want to do what Michael Jordan did and want to run everything from the ground up. He wants to hire the best people to do the best job. We all know his eyes are on Cleveland…

Definitely a lot of flashbacks about Lebron James this week. And don’t get me wrong, everyone would have been like a 16 year old kid in front of MJ. Even Kobe Bryant had been there.


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