“LeBron James put on a show in front of Michael Jordan, 1 day after his final NBA Game”: When the Lakers star announced that he was coming for MJ’s throne (video)

LeBron James has been the guy since he was in high school and he proved it in front of Michael Jordan himself, a day after the Jumpman retired


We know that LeBron James has been under pressure since scouts discovered the kind of potential he had. That was over 19 years ago and today, he has cemented himself as one of the greatest of all time.

He has never been fazed by pressure and despite his rather questionable finals record, he still remains an athlete that dominates a court the moment he walks onto it.

There have been countless moments when he had to prove himself. From multiple Finals games to an insane amount of elimination games, LeBron has always shown out.

But perhaps the one defining moment came rather early in his career when he was only 17 years old. April 17th, 2003, the Jordan Capital Classic, a showcase of the best young players on the planet.

LeBron was set to play in front of his idol, Michael Jordan. So what does a young LeBron do? Well, he balls out, of course!

LeBron James puts up 34 in front of Michael Jordan, just a day after the Bulls legend retired!
So the auspicious day of reckoning came and LeBron James did not disappoint, he dropped a stunning 34 points and his highlight reel is magnificent.

The chosen one was here and he was ready to take on the NBA but what made the day so special was the fact that just one day ago, Michael Jordan played his last game in the NBA.

And guess what? He played that game on the same court where LeBron erupted. And FYI, Chris Paul also played in the same game!


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