LeBron James post a vidéo of mountain goat on IG in order to prolaims himself Greatest Of All Time

LeBron James

It’s hard to question LeBron James as the greatest player of his generation. But it’s fair to cast doubt on his comedy chops. It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers frontman reeks of corny dad energy, which was on full display in his latest Instagram post.


LeBron posted a video of a mountain goat looking extra massive on IG, with a caption manifesting himself as the said goat getting tracked down by woodside paparazzi looking to snap a pic. Endearing or corny? Decide for yourself.

“DAMN IT!!! Can’t even rehab properly w/o the paparazzi 🎥 all in my grill! Relax man!! Just trying to get right so I can get back out there with my guys! Anyways as you can tell I’ve done nothing but lift massive weights while gone away since I can’t get on the court yet! In due time. See y’all soon! 😁🙏🏾✌🏾👑”


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