LeBron James points out a similarity between himself and Kobe Bryant

LeBron James

After the qualification of the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA Finals, LeBron James pointed out a similarity between Kobe Bryant and him.


As always since the death of Kobe Bryant in January, the King had a thought for the Black Mamba. Asked about the similarities between the legendary #24 of the Angelenos and him, James evoked the famous « Mamba mentality ».

« As soon as you put on that Lakers jersey, you think about his legacy, what he meant to this franchise for over 20 years. You also think about what he embodied on and off the floor, what he demanded of his teammates, of himself. We have similarities in that sense.

Our games are different. Our mindsets, our desire to be the best and not lose, we are similar in that way. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, from your family because you want to be so great. So you don’t have time to waste.

I understand that, I’m one of the few who can understand the mentality he played with. In terms of his journey from high school to the NBA. I still have that with me, » commented LeBron James


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