LeBron James picks Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan as his dream teammate (video)

LeBron James

LA Lakers superstar LeBron James surprisingly picks Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan when asked about which all-time player he would like to play the most with.


During his illustrious 19-year-career, The King has played alongside some of the best in the business. Be it Kyrie Irving in Cleveland or Dwayne Wade in Miami, the 4x NBA champion has had Hall-of-Famers by his side. This season, the same was expected of big man Anthony Davis.

However, he hasn’t nearly lived up to the expectations, after suffering from injuries for the majority of the season. Even when healthy, Davis looked like a shell of himself. The 1x NBA champion’s shocking performances coupled with various other factors results in the Lakers being eliminated from playoffs contention after their recent loss to the Suns.

Later that night, “The Shop”, LeBron James’ roundtable show on HBO, aired a new episode. They covered a lot of topics in the 31-minute episode, including an interesting question when LBJ was asked who he’d like to play with, especially an all-time player.

And his answer was interesting to say the least. So, what exactly did he say? Read on to find out.

LeBron James picks Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan as his dream teammate.

In the latest episode of “The Shop”, LeBron James was initially asked who he would team up with within the current NBA, and his answer, was unsurprising, Stephen Curry. However, when asked about which all-time player he would team up with, the Lakers star goes on to say he would like to team up with Scottie Pippen. He goes on to say –

“Obviously MJ was crazy, Kobe would’ve been another one. But Scottie Pippen and Penny Hardaway was like my two… Because I see myself in them.”

Both LeBron James and Scottie Pippen are serial winners, having 10 combined rings and counting. Both were two-way forwards in the primes, with LBJ being unstoppable on offense, whereas Pippen was a defensive menace. And also, it looks like the King took a slight dig at MJ as well, by diminishing his achievements by valuing Pippen so highly.

If The King somehow did join hands with the Bulls forward, there’s a high chance to replicate what MJ and Pippen accomplished as a duo. After all, LBJ has never had a superstar who has an All-Defensive team lock every season.

The potential duo of LBJ and Pippen would have been a scary sight for the league. No matter which era. Although it will never happen, it’s fun to think about as basketball fans.

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