LeBron James Opens Up On Michael Jordan Comparisons: “It Can Be Exhausting”

LeBron James

LeBron James winning the 2020 NBA Championship and the Finals MVP award obviously reignited the never-ending GOAT debate. Ever since James won his 4th title, the NBA world basically hasn’t stopped talking about LeBron James or Michael Jordan.


While James already had a fighting chance in the debate before the Finals, winning another ring just strengthened his case. Then again, Michael Jordan’s case also is very strong. He’s been the greatest basically forever, and his 6-0 Finals records speaks for itself.

But not only we’re getting tired of the never-ending debate, it seems the players involved also are. During a recent appearance on the Smartless podcast, LeBron commented on the comparisons between him and Michael Jordan, saying that while it’s humbling, it also is exhausting.

“It can be exhausting, you said it. But I’ve always looked at it like, anytime you’re compared, or you’re even mentioned with the greats that ever play this game, it’s become humbling for me.

The same people they put me in the category with or saying compare this to that guy are the same guys I looked to for inspiration growing up.”


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