LeBron James on 2013: ‘I’m nowhere near Michael Jordan, but I want to be the best player ever’

LeBron James

Two-time NBA champion, two-time Olympic champion and four-time MVP, LeBron James already had one of the greatest records in history in 2013. But the star of the didn’t intend to stop there.


During the Heat’s Media Day, James recalled his main goal: to become the best player of all time.

« I want to be the best player in history, » he confirmed to Sports Illustrated. « It’s that simple. I’m still a long way from Michael Jordan, but I can see the light. »

So Michael Jordan was in the crosshairs. That’s what motivates James to come back season after season even stronger than the last.

« My talent continues to grow, I’m always learning more about the game, I love it and I want to get better. I have this passion that drives me. I am dedicated to this game to become the best ever. I don’t want to say I’m better than him or anyone else, but it’s my own inspiration. When I’m on the field, I want to be the greatest. That’s how I approach every game, every night. »

James had also explained that he was better than last year. If that’s true, how can we stop him from winning his fifth MVP award, the third in a row, to join… Michael Jordan in the list of five-time MVPs.


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