“LeBron James is unbelievable; one of the best players in the world”: When Michael Jordan acknowledged the constant comparisons between himself and the Lakers superstar

Michael Jordan let it be known that he holds LeBron James in high regard during the 2020 Paris Games, saying he’s one of the best in the world.


Even if LeBron James were to win his 5th championship ring against all odds this season, it would still be difficult to say that he has definitively passed Michael Jordan for ‘GOAT’ status. Luckily for Jordan truthers, that is not what happened and the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t even get a chance to play in the play-in, let alone compete for a title.

Regardless of what happened with the Lakers, the debate still rages on NBA Twitter and Reddit over whether or not LeBron James has established himself as the greatest of all time.

Analysts like Stephen A. Smith firmly believe that the conversation has closed on the ‘GOAT’ debate following this disappointing 2022 campaign from the purple and ‘gold’.

Others however, are siding with the man who just averaged 30+ points per game in his 19th season and was supposedly let down by his supporting cast.

LeBron James gets praise from Michael Jordan.

The 2020 Paris Game featured a bout between the Charlotte Hornets and the Milwaukee Bucks in January of that year. With Jordan holding majority stake in the Hornets, he was naturally present at a presser for the game.

As expected, the never-ending debate on him and James was brought up. He did make a cheeky comment about if LeBron was playing that night, insinuating that he wasn’t even there so why bring his name up but the 6x champ had nothing but kind words for ‘The Chosen One’.

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The two recently embraced at the NBA’s 75 Anniversary event during All-Star weekend, exchanging pleasantries. It’s safe to say that while LeBron James may be motivated to cement himself as the greatest to ever do it, he won’t be going down that path by making an enemy in Michael Jordan.

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