“LeBron James is in a class of his own”: Oscar Robertson scoffed at the idea that ‘The King’ wasn’t as good as Michael Jordan

Oscar Robertson not only disagrees with the notion that Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James, but believes the latter is in a class of his own.


The debate on whether or not LeBron James has overtaken Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time in the NBA has been ravaging NBA fans and analysts alike for years now. The former winning his 4th championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020 is what helped pushed the ‘James agenda’ to a whole other stratosphere.

Michael Jordan himself refrained from giving an outright answer about who the ‘GOAT’ was. He claimed that comparing players of different eras and generations wouldn’t be all too effective given the changing rules and defensive gimmicks used at their respective times.

LeBron James on the other hand, during an episode of ‘The Shop’, claimed that his comeback victory over the Golden State Warriors in 2016 is what cemented his place as the greatest of all time.

Oscar Robertson on LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Oscar Robertson, well before LeBron James had even won a single title, believed in Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. In an interview during James’s arrival in Miami, ‘The Big O’ talked about how not only is Bron perhaps better than Michael Jordan, but he’s in a class of his own.

“Is Barkley trying to say that he thinks LeBron is not as good as Michael Jordan? C’mon. LeBron is in a class by himself.”

This quote by the former triple double king was in response to Charles Barkley bashing LeBron for taking his talents to South Beach in the summer of 2010.

It may seem as though Oscar Robertson is ‘The King’s’ biggest fan amongst NBA legends but when asked about his top 5 favorite players to watch, he left James off that list. He has however, called out the media for relaying double standards when it comes to LeBron, especially with his aforementioned decision to move to Miami.


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