LeBron James: « I’m as young as I’ve ever been »

LeBron James

The list of NBA players with the longevity Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has is short.


Last year, after the Los Angeles Lakers demolished the Boston Celtics, James divulged his secret to aging gracefully: he doesn’t think about it.

“I didn’t feel great going into that game because I was put into solitary confinement. So that was the main reason for that,” James said after the win against Boston.

He continued about how he shapes his mindset to not dwell on his age.

“For me, I don’t really believe in a lot of days in between, whatever the case may be. That’s just my mindset,” James said. “I don’t really get involved in how many minutes I play. I don’t confine to that. I think when you think negative thoughts, negative energy, it just creeps into your mind. I’m as young as I’ve ever been.”


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