LeBron James: « I have a dream to shoot fadeaways like Micheal Jordan »

LeBron James

LeBron James is the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. The scoring king. A crowning achievement in an illustrious career. The kid from Akron, Ohio – now stands alone. Atop a mountain once considered impossible to conquer. He has done it.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar just yesterday, said that LeBron James is the kind of player who planned to dominate the game from day 1. And the way he has done that and engineered this feat is nothing short of incredible.

The superlatives are starting to run out. With this achievement, he has surely re-opened the debate for the greatest of all time. And with each increasing day, the debate edges closer.

LeBron James’ career is nothing short of mind-blowing. But for the Kid from Akron, Ohio; it was once a fever dream. To him, he just wanted to be like his idols. His most recent quote summed up his aspirations as a kid.

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LeBron James is the man of the hour

In the ceremony that honored his achievement, the king had this to say,

“I had dreams of being able one day to throw no-look passes like Magic Johnson, to be able to shoot fadeaways like Michael Jordan, to be able to have a crossover like Allen Iverson, and to have an afro in the Dunk Contest like Kobe Bryant.”

The fact that a young LeBron just wanted to look up to his idol, Michael Jordan, and to compete with an older-brother figure like Kobe Bryant says all you need to know. He was a child on the streets, just like the rest of us. He dared to dream and he dared to chase it.

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The supposition of the King’s greatness

As we take a closer look at this record, it is hard to believe the Lakers superstar has broken it. And we still know that he has a lot of gas left in the tank.

While the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks today, the focus was once again on James and his stellar achievement. There are far few things that can pique the interest of the NBA as much as this record does.

It has stood for 39 years, it is older than the record holder himself. LeBron, even in his 20th season, at age 38, is averaging 30 points per game. How far can he take it? As long as his legs are willing, and for now, Father Time has to sit on the sidelines and watch this freak of nature push the ceiling even higher.

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