LeBron James: « Fans can boo but don’t tell me how to play basketball »

LeBron James

LeBron James says he is supportive of the Los Angeles Lakers faithful whether they boo him or the team but insists he will not accept fans lecturing him on his game.


In March 2022, the Lakers suffered their sixth loss in seven games despite a 21-point deficit in just over 12 thrilling minutes after halftime against the Dallas Mavericks. Los Angeles managed to score only four points in the final seven minutes to eventually lose 109-104 at Crypto.com.

During that clash to the Pelicans, James had seven turnovers and was booed at time after ceding possession and a video emerged of he and some of his team-mates getting into a spat with Lakers fans courtside.

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« If you follow my career, I will get into it with a fan so that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for me, » he said when asked about it in the press conference following the more recent defeat to Dallas. « No matter if it’s a home crowd or someone on the opposing side.

« If you’re cheering or booing it’s still fine, but this guy was literally telling me how to play basketball. So that’s why you got the response, you seen me respond to it. So that was all that was, you can’t tell me how to play basketball – not him, not that guy! »

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LeBron James, who scored 26 points and grabbed 12 rebounds against the Mavericks, says fans can react how they like and he will still be supportive towards them.

« I ride or die with the Lakers faithful, » he said. « If they scream, I’m with them. If they boo, I’m with them. That stuff doesn’t bother me, man. I’m 20 years into this league. A boo here, a boo there, a cheer – whatever they want to do, let’s do it. We’re all together. »

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