“LeBron James Could Jump to 8th on My Top 10”: Skip Bayless Says a Title Would Bring Lakers Star Ahead of Larry Bird on His All-time List

LeBron James

If you have been watching basketball long enough, LeBron James would be on your Top-3 all time, if not at the top. Considering how the players dominated their eras and for how long, he only has a slight competition in the GOAT debate.


The two names apart from him would be Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, with MJ being the favorite among the three. Some fans and experts have been saying that the 19x All-Star will be the undisputed #1 all-time if he wins another title.

However, a veteran Fox Sports analyst would just have him move up to the 8th spot on his list if the 38-year-old goes on to win the 5th title of his 20-year career.

Skip Bayless will move LeBron James to 8th all-time if he wins his 5th title
We all are entitled to have our list of whom we like/prefer to be the game’s greatest of all time. 71-year-old Skip Bayless has MJ at one and James at 9th all-time. He talked about it on the latest drop of the Skip Bayless Show.

“If, and it’s a big IF, LeBron carries the Lakers to another title, I could see him jumping to 8th on my all-time Top 10 list,” tweeted Skip with a clip from his latest podcast episode.

“He currently is ranked 9th on my all-time list. You know who I have at 1, obviously [Michael Jordan], I don’t have to say his name. That guy. Number two is Magic, three Shaq, four Kareem, five Tim Duncan, sixth Mr. Russell as in Bill, 7th Kobe, late great, 8th is Larry Bird, 9th is LeBron, just ahead of the all-time stat machine Wilt “the Tilt” Chamberlain,” said Bayless while revealing his top-10 all-time list.

It says nothing about James and everything about Bayless and how much he knows or claims to know about the game. Having made millions just through a career that is solely built on LeBron slander, the man still does not have any shame whatsoever to stop with his shenanigans.

What would a 5th title mean for James really?

Probably the GOAT title. While Anthony Davis might win the Finals MVP this time around, James will prove his unprecedented dominance and longevity if the Lakers win the 2023 championship.

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