LeBron James Believes His Skills Would Work Perfectly With Bulls Legend Michael Jordan

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James believes his skillset would work perfectly for Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan if the duo played together.


Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has had his say on Michael Jordan’s documentary The Last Dance. The Last Dance final two episodes released on Sunday (Monday IST) and it has further escalated the NBA GOAT debate between LeBron and Michael Jordan. While a recent poll suggested that 73% fans would pick the Bulls legend over the former Cleveland Cavaliers star, it is unlikely to be the final straw in one of NBA’s most debated topics. In a recent interview, LeBron James dreams about playing with Michael Jordan as his teammate rather than his rival and believes the game would be on ‘another level’ if the two teamed up together.

LeBron James on The Last Dance: My best assets would work perfectly for Michael Jordan
Speaking to LeBron James on The Last Dance, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that the former Cavaliers star would relish the opportunity to play on the same team as Michael Jordan and believes his skills would blend perfectly with that of the Bulls legend. James added that his primary skill was team first and it would suit Jordan’s skills. The former Miami Heat star added that the six-time NBA champion was an ‘assassin’ in terms of playing basketball and scoring, plus his ability to pick a pass and read game plays would take their game to another level.

LeBron James reveals he was stimulated by watching Michael Jordan and relished the thought of teaming up the Bulls legend. LeBron added that he watched Scottie Pippen pair up with Jordan and added that Pippen was one of his favourite players. The three-time NBA Finals MVP said that it would’ve been a whole ‘another level’ with him being a point forward alongside Jordan at Chicago.

LeBron James on The Last Dance: Lakers star would die to compete against NBA greats

LeBron James met Michael Jordan and played in a pickup game with him in 2001 when James was 16 years old and Jordan was preparing to make his final comeback. A couple of years later, the duo played a game together being invited to the Bulls legend’s annual summer camp after James was the No.1 draft pick and signed an $87 million deal with Nike. Michael Jordan and LeBron James played in the same team and the former Cleveland star reveals that they never lost a game with MJ on the team.

However, while the Lakers star would like to team up with NBA greats on the court, James said that he would absolutely die to compete against them too in a tweet on Monday. LeBron James has played with a few NBA veterans and believes Jordan’s harsh leadership style was something he would embrace. The Lakers star added that Miami Heat teammate Dwyane Wade and former Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue would push him and keep challenging him. James added that watching The Last Dance and his games, there’s a perfect correlation in their games to be successful.

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