« LeBron can’t be the GOAT over Micheal Jordan » says former teammate Eddie House


A few years ago, Eddie House explained why his former teammate LeBron James’ bid for the GOAT title was ineligible.


LeBron James has his supporters in the debate over the best player of all time. The majority of the fans are still with Michael Jordan, but the « King » has gained ground and continues to win over the younger players as time goes on. In the NBA, however, even some of his former teammates are not ready to crown him « GOAT » and probably never will be.

This is the case with Eddie House, with whom LeBron played one season between 2010 and 2011. The former Boston Celtics player experienced the worst series of LeBron James’ career, transparent in the 2011 Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. It’s an argument that instantly disqualifies him in House’s eyes.

« I can’t forget the fact that he disappeared against Dallas. Not just because I was on that team. But because everyone thought he was the best and expected him to show up, but he was a no-show. He didn’t miss a game. He missed an entire series.

Michael Jordan never missed an entire series. LeBron missed in the NBA Finals. With that, you’re going to say he’s the greatest player of all time? To me, that’s not possible, » House explained in 2018 on Undisputed.

The fact that LeBron has lost more Finals than he has won is one of the biggest factors in his unofficial bid for the GOAT title. There are obviously other assets to put forward, such as his longevity or his basketball kit.

His detractors will never stop highlighting this « incident » of the 2011 Finals that neither Michael Jordan (6 wins in 6 Finals), nor Bill Russell (who won 11 Finals out of 12 and was injured in his only loss against St. Louis) have experienced in their career.


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