Lamar Odom Reveals How He Broke Up A Fight Between Kobe Bryant and Master P

Former 6th man of the year, Lamar Odom was a key player in the Los Angeles Lakers’ back-to-back championship runs in 2009, and 2010.


During his seven-year long stint with the Lakers, Odom also became friends with Kobe Bryant. The two had a close relationship, and following Kobe’s tragic death, Odom shared many stories about him.

Now, during an appearance on VladTV, Odom revealed a new one – the story of how he prevented a fight between Bryant and basketball players and rapper Master P.

“When you’re practicing with the Lakers, people might just come pop up. P came to our practice, the aura, and the energy and the timing of it… Bean wasn’t feeling it. These are two alpha males. It was just awkward…

…It wasn’t like getting in the middle to stop them. But I just checked both of their temperatures, making sure everything is cool… The energy was just off between them two.”


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