Kyrie Irving Reignites Movement for Kobe Bryant As NBA Logo, ‘Gotta Happen’

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is breathing new life into the movement to replace the NBA logo with an image of Kobe Bryant — saying straight-up, « Gotta Happen. »


« [I don’t care] what anyone says, » Irving posted on Wednesday alongside a mockup of a pretty awesome-looking Kobe logo designed by Tyson Beck.


A bunch of Kyrie’s famous friends immediately supported Irving’s proposal in the comments section — from Dez Bryant to Stephen Jackson … even the official Bruce Lee IG account co-signed on the idea!

The « Kobe for NBA Logo » movement gained a bunch of momentum following Mamba’s tragic death in January 2020 … with huge and influential stars like Mark Cuban and Paul Pierce publicly throwing their support behind the move.

Even Justin Bieber pushed for the change. But, as time passed, the voices calling for change quieted down. Maybe Kyrie will get everyone talking again?!

As for Jerry West, the current NBA legend featured in the logo, he’s previously said he’s open for the league to switch it up.

In fact, Alan Siegel, who created the logo back in 1969 told Newsweek he’d be cool with a change as well.

« I’m really proud of the logo, it’s been something that’s been recognized around the world, but if the current players want to recognize someone that’s made a difference, like Kobe, and if the commissioner wanted to do so, I would support it. »

So, really … everyone seems on board with a switch.

The league did implement some changes around the league to honor Kobe — renaming the All-Star Game MVP trophy after him … as well as changing the game’s scoring format to include his #24.

But, will Kobe become the new logo?!


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