Kyrie Irving: « Kobe Bryant is the greatest to play this game »

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is not a fan of the media. He doesn’t always give genuine answers and tends to defer questions. However, Kyrie Irving is brutally honest when it comes to his video game streams.


The Nets star point guard has been discussing basketball topics on his streams and sharing controversial takes and opinions on differing issues. Irving recently shared his NBA GOAT pick, and it is not LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

Kyrie Irving’s NBA GOAT selection is Kobe Bryant.

Warning: the following quote is NSFW.

“When I say (Kobe is) the greatest to play this game, it doesn’t mean I’m knocking anybody else. Alright? F*ck, let me finish my story, “Irving said. “The greatest to play this game to me! I don’t give a f*ck what you talking about, I don’t care about your stats.”

Kobe Bryant is an all-time great and there is no denying that. But the GOAT conversation typically revolves around Michael Jordan and LeBron James. LeBron stans tend to use his elite statistics to make their case while MJ stans stand by his ability to win championships. But for Kyrie Irving, Kobe is the GOAT. And he has been vocal about his admiration for Kobe in the past.

Irving has always been known for speaking his mind. And perhaps, Kobe is the reason he does that. Irving shared on the same stream that Bryant told him to never worry about what anybody else thinks. Kyrie has taken that advice to heart and certainly seems to live by that narrative.

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets will aim for a rebound season next year after losing early in the 2022 playoffs.


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