Kobe’s epic response to LeBron selling more jerseys


What distinguishes the best players in history from the rest of the NBA players is this obsession with winning. In all fields, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant refused to lose. So when the latter learned that Lebron James was selling more jerseys than him, he had an epic reaction, and full of « seum ».


If there is one thing that Kobe Bryant hated during his lifetime, it is defeat. That’s why he gave 200% in everything he did, both on and off the court. And with his extraordinary determination, the Mamba has perfectly succeeded in his passage in the NBA, with 5 titles, and his reconversion, with an Oscar.

The hatred of defeat is in fact the fuel that drives the engine of the greatest players in history. Would Michael Jordan have become the legend we know today if the Pistons had not martyred him for many seasons?

The « problem », if there is one, is that this exacerbated competitive spirit applied to all areas of Kobe’s life… The proof, when he learned that LeBron James was selling more jerseys than him, the Mamba had an incredible, but resentful reaction.

When the jersey sales numbers started coming out, and LeBron James started selling more jerseys than Kobe Bryant, the Mamba was in « everyone has my jersey already anyway » mode.

Being beaten by LeBron, here is something that particularly annoyed Kobe Bryant. And the worst part about it is that he’s probably not too far from the truth. If his answer may seem arrogant, the Mamba is an icon in the NBA since the late 90′. So inevitably, many fans already owned his jersey when the first rankings came out.


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