Kobe staring down Shaq after his and-1 will never get old (video)


Basketball is no stranger to feuds and banters. It’s as if being a player for the NBA franchise comes with all this packaged. Although there is one rivalry that always comes to mind without fail when you think about it. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal‘s infamous beef during their team together in Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most iconic feuds in the NBA that made headlines constantly.


Along side this, there is one such hilarious throwback moment on the court between Kobe and Shaq that is worth remembering.

Kobe Bryant stares down at Shaq after foul

As dynamic the duo was considered to be on the court, their beef was even more embarrassing than that. The two players joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996. The two were able to bag three NBA Championship consecutively and O’Neal even won the NBA Finals MVP following each of their victories. However, there is a downside of having two alphas on one team. There is bound to be differences in opinion and struggles regarding their respective roles in the Lakers.

Nevertheless, the feud finally came to an end when Shaq was traded off to Miami Heat and Kobe was re-signed as a free agent by Lakers. A little ways down the road when Shaq had moved to play for the Boston Celtics, the two came face to face with one another in a game in 2011.

During this, a moment of sheer comedy was caught on camera when Kobe was driving into the paint but was fouled by Shaq when he took a jump shot. Kobe scored the jump shot and even got a free-throw. After the whistle blew, Kobe was seen looking down at Shaq as if mocking him. However, it all looked very friendly in nature.


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