Kobe learned some French just to throw Tony Parker off his game (video)


Here’s a little tidbit you may not have know – Lakers great Kobe Bryant speaks a little French.


In fact, he used to practice his French speaking skills whenever he faced France’s own Tony Parker during his playing days. But it wasn’t to chat about the weather, Kobe would trash talk the San Antonio Spurs guard in French.

« I used to love playing the San Antonio spurs and saying something in French, that I won’t repeat here, to Tony Parker who’s watching ‘What? Who taught you that?' »

It’s not the first time that Bryant has trash talked in another language. He used to trash talk with Tony Parker in French, and Bargnani in Italian. The NBA legend also used to direct Gasol in Spanish. Also, how to forget when Kobe swears in the Serbian language.

Bryant has the competitive edge of Michael Jordan which is a unique trait that separates legends from superstars. It’s clear that Bryant is serious about being competitive if he’s willing to learn how to languages to trash talk to players.


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