Kobe Bryant’s savage punishment of a drunken Laker

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant was as demanding in games as he was in training and that’s probably what made him great. His teammates were quick to notice, including a young rookie who was punished in front of everyone for… a night of drinking!


Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan shared more than just moves on the court, like that legendary 0-degree fadeaway, they also shared a unique mentality! Whether on the court or in training, defeat was simply not an option… An almost military approach that could sometimes cause a stir with some teammates.

In Chicago, Steve Kerr was for example long pushed by the #23 during sessions, so much so that the current coach of the Warriors had to come to blows with his leader! And this altercation has not had reason for their friendship, quite the contrary, since MJ as Kobe always wanted to test the heart and motivation of their teammates. The race for the title is tough, and these two knew it better than anyone.

Kobe without mercy with a drunken Laker

And unfortunately for some teammates, all those who refused to comply with this requirement found themselves somewhat excluded … This was for example the case of Smush Parker, who once received the worst insult from the Mamba. Luke Walton also had some misadventures with Kobe, and especially after a party a little too drunk. He tells for Sports Illustrated.

I had probably had too much to drink the night before practice. I was a rookie, so I was feeling good that day. But Kobe smelled alcohol on me and told the whole team not to come and help me on defense. I had to defend on him during the whole practice. At first I honestly thought he was kidding… But no. In his head he sensed weakness in me and he wanted to destroy me for that.

That day he taught me a huge lesson. I think he scored at least 70 points in that training. I started praying for help but none of my teammates came to my defense. His killer spirit and work ethic will stay with me forever.

Kobe Bryant was especially demanding of his teammates and the slightest deviation was punished. Luke Walton must have been humiliated in front of everyone after a night of drinking! When you know that, it’s hard to imagine the Mamba in some of the current locker rooms… What would he do after the numerous outings to the strip club of James Harden or Lou Williams?


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