Kobe Bryant’s last game towel sold at auction for an incredible price

Kobe Bryant

Since the Lakers legend’s death, items related to the player have started to be worth more and one of those that sold for a high price was a towel.


As of January 26 of this year, everything about Kobe Bryant has an impossible-to-measure value. That means, for example, that an ordinary towel is worth $33,000 just for being the one the historic Lakers player used in his final speech as a professional basketball player after scoring 60 points for the Utah Jazz.

It seems hard to believe, but it is. In Arizona, Iconic Auctions held an auction in which, among other things from Bryant, this item was used on April 13, 2016. On that occasion, a fan took it from him as the player was walking to the locker room after saying goodbye to his people. He sold it some time later for $ 9,000, but this time the price was slightly higher: $ 33077.

However, this towel was not the only piece that had something to do with Kobe, but there were more. Two of his cards, an autographed ball, a press card with his signature, a game program from 1996, also with his stamp, and one of the most important, a poster that, in addition to Kobe’s signature, features Magic and Shaq. In total, all of these items raised $69,000.

As Jeff Woolf, president of the auction company, explained to CNN, the buyer is « a dedicated Lakers fan. » In addition, he said he has a large collection of items from the Los Angeles franchise and revealed that he plans to build a museum with as many things as possible related to the team that has won the NBA title 16 times.


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