Kobe Bryant’s discussion with Ronaldinho about a 17year old Lionel Messi has gone Viral (video)

Lionel Messi

Kobe Bryant’s discussion with Ronaldinho about a 17year old Lionel Messi has gone Viral. The video makes for a fascinating viewing.


Basketball legend Kobe Bryant passed away on Sunday along with his daughter and seven others on Sunday in a helicopter crash. Several sporting icons including many footballers paid their respects to Bryant and expressed their shock and sadness at what had just transpired.

Since his passing, several stories and videos about the superstar are doing the rounds, including one where he discusses the moment Ronaldinho introduced a 17-year old Lionel Messi to him hailing him one who would become the greatest footballer of all time.

Kobe Bryant’s discussion with Ronaldinho about a 17year old Lionel Messi has gone Viral

“I’ll tell you a story. A long time ago, Barcelona came to Los Angeles,” Bryant said in Spanish.

“Ronaldinho, who was a good friend, I was talking with him and he told me: ‘Kobe, look I’m going to introduce you to the guy who is going to be the greatest player of all time.”

The LA Lakers legend went on to say he believed Ronaldinho was the best, but the Brazilian reaffirmed that a young Messi would take his crown.

“I said: ‘You what? You are the best.’ But he said: ‘No, no. This kid right here is going to be the best.’ And that guy was Lionel Messi, who was only 17.”

At the time, Messi was on the fringes of Barcelona’s first team. Many had spoken of his talent but the greatest footballer of all time was a claim to soon to be made. Ronaldinho didn’t seem to care though, and in hindsight, many will testify that the Brazilian was right all along.

Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi

Messi and Bryant would later cross paths for a hilarious advertisement where they both proceeded to show their talents in a bid to win over a child’s appreciation, who would instead choose an air hostess with a plate of food.

Kobe Bryant admired Lionel Messi and frequently spoke about the Argentine. In an interview with ESPN Bryant spoke about the similarities between him and the footballer.

“We’re the same, Messi and I,” Bryant had said. “As people, in the way that we speak, we are different – he’s a very reserved person – but we are the same in the love that we feel for our sports.”

The admiration and respect between the icons was mutual.

Following Bryant’s passing, Messi took to social media. He wrote:

“I have no words… all my love for Kobe’s family and friends. It was a pleasure to meet you and share good times together. You were a genius like few others.”


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