Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia opens up on how he inspired her career path


Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had an impact on many on the basketball court, but also off of it.


Bryant’s daughter Natalia talked about how she was inspired by her father.

“So my dad and I would always watch as many movies as we can and we’d go on movie marathons,” said the younger Bryant. “And then we’d also analyze as many movies as we can, and we’d talk about it for months. Where we’d go, we’d just keep talking about different films and how it reminds us of where we are. ‘Oh my gosh, that architecture reminds me of this piece from this film.’ So just things like that, it just really inspired me and I was like, ‘I want to do this forever.’”

The elder Bryant is considered one of the greatest basketball players and athletes of all time. He is also considered to be one of the greatest Lakers of all time.

By winning five NBA championships and garnering many individual awards and honors, the elder Bryant inspired an entire generation to be the best it could be. He also left a mark off the court with his maniacal preparation, whether it was watching film, getting his body into prime shape or fostering the right mindset.

Having four daughters, the elder Bryant also had an impact as something of an advocate for women’s sports.

The elder Bryant and eight others were unfortunately killed in a tragic helicopter crash in January of 2020. The tributes to his life and career have continued to this day.


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