“Kobe Bryant took what Michael Jordan was but enhanced the skill-set had a better handle and shot 3s”: Tracy McGrady puts the Black Mamba ahead of His Airness

Kobe Bryant

NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady makes a sensational claim, calling Kobe Bryant more skilled than Michael Jordan.


In what many believe, Kobe Bryant was the closest thing to Michael Jordan, with both the legends playing the same position. The Black Mamba looked up to His Airness as his idol, trying to emulate a lot of his moves. The two superstars have their names etched in the NBA history books.

Both Kobe and Jordan had a similar work ethic and an excessive competitive zeal to succeed. The Mamba had no qualms in stealing Jordan’s maneuvers, something the Lakers guard publicly admitted. Both superstars hold the record for the most no of game-winning shots.

Though MJ exceeds Kobe when it comes to no of championships and MVPs, it’s difficult to determine who would win in a 1-on-1. The popular notion being Kobe was the most hardworking player, but Jordan edged him when it came to talent.

However, veteran player Tracy McGrady had a different view on this debate, stating Kobe was more skilled than Jordan.

Tracy McGrady gives his reasons for calling Kobe Bryant more skilled than Michael Jordan.
In a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, T-Mac admitted to the Mamba being the most skilled basketball player he had ever seen. McGrady called Kobe the ceiling when it came to 1-on-1 basketball, saying Kobe took who MJ was but enhanced the skill set.

“The most skilled basketball player I have ever seen is Kobe Bean Bryant. So you got MJ right, Kobe took what MJ was but enhanced the skillset had a better handle, MJ didn’t shoot 3s like that, so Kobe took it upon and added the 3-ball to his game cause that’s where the game evolved to but skill-wise, I mean, the moves, the footwork, he had it all.”

Having played against both during their primes, McGrady had first-hand experience. Surprisingly, Kobe had publicly admitted to T-Mac being the toughest player he had played against, heaping praises on the former Rockets player’s athleticism and skill set.

Reflecting on T-Mac’s statements, MJ played in an era where the 3-point shot wasn’t prevalent. When it came to handles and footwork, it’s a debate for another day.

Nevertheless, the two legends have cemented their legacies as some of the greatest ball players, having enthralled millions with their game.


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